Client-Partnership Framework
As your Solutions Partner, we form an ongoing relationship with your business to provide you with coordinated HR support across all facets of your organisation. Under our partnership package, we assess your business’s HR needs and agree on the appropriate level of support to provide. We then spend time in and on your business each month ,integrated as part of your teamto instil effective HR. The time we spend with your business can range across any and all of the areas of expertise offered under our services. With us as your HR partners, your business has its own HR manager for as much time as it needs,without the financial burden of a full-time employee and add-ons such as superannuation and other benefits
Professional Support Set-Up
You will gain access to an HR expert who will know your business inside and out, while still giving you the objective advice and support of a third party. Our Project manager package is designed for businesses that have an HR project that needs managing to ensure successful implementation.
Flexible Package Support Options
This option suits all organizations, from large corporations with HR departments needing external expertise or additional resources, through to SMEs who may lack their own internal HR expert. We work with you to identify your project needs and scope the solution. We then project manage the strategy, implementation and follow-up, including measuring success. Projects may involve some or all of the areas of expertise offered under our services. If you need additional HR expertise, please contact us to discuss. We tailor every solution to individual business needs.